Brooke County Committee on Aging 

Wise and Wonderful

Waiver Program

There is a process to qualifying.

To qualify for this program you must first be referred to the West Virginia Medical Institute(WVMI). The WVMI nurse will contact you and make an appointment for a visit. She will see if you have 5 deficits to be on the program. Some of the deficits are as follows: eating, bathing, dressing, grooming, incontinence, orientation, transferring, walking, decubitus, able to vacate a building, wheeling, not capable of administering his/her own medications.

Each one of these deficits has different point levels which the WVMI nurse will add up and this will be your level of care service.

Level A = 5-9 points.........62 hours per month

Level B = 10-17 points.....93 hours per month 

Level C = 26-44 points...155 hours per month

Then you will pick a Case Management Agency. They will send you to DHHR to qualify financially. If you are already Medicaid eligible, a form must be made at the DHHR office. To qualify financially you must make less than $1,800 a month and have no more than $2,000 in assets. Only the income of the applicant is considered, not the income of the spouse, parents or family.